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How to practice in Winter

 In Winter, the cold and low light have a tendency to challenge our will to train. For this month of February, I am sharing with  you a training session you can perform from the confort of your own home. Athletes from all disciplines have been using techniques of visualisation and imagination to train towards their best performance. Using their senses to project themeselves into their best performance. In the last two weeks the Winter Olympics have offered us a great showcase of this pratice. Those techniques can be beneficial to golfers of all levels from scratch players to 32 index. I have prepared for you a guided session of 3 minutes taking you to your best play. With that session you will be able to get a head start on your 2018 season. 

"GolfGeneva's 3 mins Visualisation"

golf geneve hiver son en 

Group Coaching / Training

Group Coaching:

The group setting is based on a theme or a set time table which allows for some private and group time. Through out the program you will learn new techniques and shots, analyse your own game and build a strategy to improve your game.

Beginner Level:

Advance Level (Carte Verte/ AP- Index/HCP):

The Founders Film

Film debut on the LPGA Tour in USA



We are present every step of the way to provide guidance in the creation of your course. From location, design, equipment selections, staff/ volunteer training, calendar of event composition, safety measures and all the aspects surrounding your project. 

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