Is golf leisure of work for you?
If it’s leisure let’s make it work for you.

Coaching 2019


Practice sessions*:

One on one:lecons indiv

  • 50 min 115 CHF

Two players lesson:

  • 1 hour 70 CHF/ per player

Group lesson (min 3 players):

  • 1 hour 60 CHF/ per player

*For lessons taking place at the Country Club Geneva a 10 chf will be added for the non-members.

On course training**:

lecons parcours golf
9 Holes :

  • 1 player 240 CHF
  • 2 players 140 CHF / per player
  • 3 players 120 CHF / per player

18 Trous :

  • 1 player : 480 CHF
  • 2 players : 280 CHF/ per player

**Rates don't include green-fees for non-members.






TPI Evalution Screen physique:


50 mins for 1 person : 200.- CHF

TPI Session d'entraînement:

50 mins for 1 or 2 people: 200.-CHF


Yearly coaching Plan March to October 2019


Birdie Coaching

niveau birdieThe program has been designed to provide you with regular support.


  • 1 individual course and a monthly group course,
  • 2 personalized TPI sessions (golf fitness program)
  • an 18-hole game where we play together.


Solo 1650 CHF
Duo 1000 CHF per player


Eagle Coaching

niveau eagleThis program was built to allow you a steady progression during the season. All areas of the game will be reviewed and refined.


  • 2 individual classes and 1 monthly group course
  • 4 sessions TPI (GOLFIC FITNESS PROGRAM) customize in the season,
  • 2 parts 18 holes where we play together

Solo 3500 CHF
Duo 2200 CHF per player


Brain Training: This is the 15th club in your bag! OptiBrain


entrainement cerebral

  • Assesment and discovery session 1h / 200 CHF
  • OptiBrain assesment + OptiTrain Performance training:
    • Assesment and discovery session of 1 hours
    • 7 OptiTrain de 30 mins performance training

    800.- CHF



Questionnaire about your habits and preferences. It's the equivalent of your blood group golfing.
Your answers are analyzed to determine your "golf identity"
100 CHF*
* Mygolf is needed before any first lessons.

Coaching sessions can take place at the following locations:

Golf du Domaine Impérial, Gland
Country Club Geneva, Bellevue
Golf du Domaine de Divonne, Divonne-les-Bains
Green-fees are not included in any of the pricing above, will need to be added.



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